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With Digital Media Combined (DMC) you can schedule posts to social media platforms to tie in with product launches, special promotions or just about anything, anytime. The beauty is that you only need add the content once, select the platforms that you would like to show the content on, schedule a time and post… that’s it!

DMC takes the hassle out of posting to each website individually…. best of all to use the plugin it is completely free. The only fee payable is when you need to distribute to more than 5 social media profiles or send over 1000 email newsletters each week and then we have some of the best pricing in the business for media distribution.

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  • DMC Saves Time! Posting or scheduling content for all social media platforms at the same time saves valuable time. Become more productive today!
  • DMC is the clever way to post content quickly enabling you to “capture the moment!”

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Time is becoming more and more important in the work day.  How you spend your time is determining the amount of money that you can make in a day.  Being more productive by using the DMC plugin will save you days if not weeks over the course of the year.

At DMC, we work in the industry and understand that time of delivery is critical. DMC has a global server network that enables email newsletters to be delivered when your customer need them. How important is for you to have your communications delivered when required and hassle free? If this is you, download the DMC plugin and relax… it works straight out of the box once your settings have been entered.

Watch the step by step video to configure the plugin and your in business!

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DMC prides itself on our support.. you won’t need us but if you do we are here to help when you need us most.


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We understand business and treat all requests as a priority. This is our passion at DMC.. making businesses more and more successful.



Marketing delivered to recipients when scheduled… that’s what we are about… along with making life easier!


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We look after everything for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best



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